Hanna Bootstrap — Twitter Bootstrap theme for RDoc

Based on the original Hanna by Mislav, Hanna Nouveau by Erik.

Hanna is an RDoc generator that scales. It’s implemented in Haml, making the sources clean and readable. It’s built with simplicity, beauty and ease of browsing in mind. (See more in the wiki.)

Hanna gem is available from

gem install hanna-bootstrap

The template was created by Atsushi Nagase and since then has seen contributions from:


rdoc -o doc -f bootstrap lib  .rb

An alternative is to set the `RDOCOPT` environment variable:

RDOCOPT="-f bootstrap"

This will make RDoc always use Hanna unless it is explicitly overridden.

Integrating with RubyGems

Another neat trick is to put the following line in your .gemrc, this will make RubyGems use Hanna for all rdoc generation:

rdoc: -f bootstrap

This will make RubyGems use Hanna when generating documentation for installed gems. Remember, if you wish to have all your gems be formatted in bootstrap:

gem rdoc --all --overwrite

The first time. To easily browse your newly created documentation, use:

gem server

Rake task

For repeated generation of API docs, it’s better to set up a Rake task. Simply add the bootstrap format argument to your RDoc::Task options:

gem 'rdoc'
require 'rdoc/task' do |rdoc|
  # this only works with RDoc 3.1 or greater
  rdoc.generator = 'bootstrap'
  # this is what you use pre RDoc 3.1:
  rdoc.options.push '-f', 'bootstrap'

Tip: you can do this in the Rakefile of your Rails project before running `rake doc:rails`.

Here is an example of a task for the rdbi library:

gem 'rdoc'
require 'rdoc/task' do |rdoc|
  version = File.exist?('VERSION') ?'VERSION') : ""

  rdoc.generator = 'bootstrap'
  rdoc.main = 'README.rdoc'
  rdoc.rdoc_dir = 'rdoc'
  rdoc.title = "RDBI #{version} Documentation"
  rdoc.rdoc_files.include('lib/   *.rb')